Thursday, June 8, 2017

Media Release: Magna Carta Day in Denver

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John Wren

June 8, 2017

A primary American tradition (is) to consider history when our political order seems imperiled.  Timothy Snyder (1)

Denver—William F. Robinson III an attorney, a long-time Optimists Club member and a Unitarian-Universalist pastor, announced Magna Carta Day at Denver Magna Carta Park, north east corner of Hampden and South Colorado Blvd. Everyone is invited to bring a brown bag lunch and to share their thoughts at an open mike. To volunteer to help set up or clean up please call Robinson at (303)756-6601.

“There will be an open microphone,” said Robinson, “and the signup sheet starts at 11:30, talks will begin at 12 noon, MDT. The first speaker will be myself talking about the history of Magna Carta Park which my family donated to the City of Denver, and how it came to be named Magna Carta Park.

“A second speaker will be David Hoefer, who is a Denver psychotherapist, will give a short talk on “Magna Carta and the Human Mind.”  Hoefer is the author of a book called The Self, which is available on and his website

“We will then hear from speakers from the signup sheet, the first 5 speakers will be included in the live TV broadcast on, a link will be posted on, concluded Robinson. 

Everyone is welcome to attend and share their thoughts about the Magna Carta and our current political situation here in the United States. For more information Robinson can be reached at (303)756-6601. The event is being sponsored by Denver South Optimists and the Small Business Chamber  of Commerce. 


(1) Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny, Tim Duggan Books, New York, 2017.  

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